Porcelain crafted in Manifattura Ginori – Italy



Porcelain collection with symbolic animal motifs

It is the 18th century, and a new decorative style finds its way into European culture, one that features figures and elements from the natural world, both flora and fauna, in keeping with the spirit of the times. Here, in the stately homes of high society, images of exotic plants and animals in warm, bright colors begin to appear on objects such as porcelain, silverware, and especially furniture. This varied and rich panorama of creative ideas did not go unnoticed by our curiosity. Playing with the exuberant shapes found in nature, the symbolism, and the elegance of geometric lines as well as the brilliance of color, we have given new life to a style that comes from the past, offering it in the present with the originality that distinguishes our own style. Ginori 1735's signature Totem collection pays homage to the natural world with a magnificent series of home décor objects decocated with squirrels, penguins, monkeys, camels and elephants, sometimes hidden inside pretty porcelain boxes or depicted on delightful cylindrical boxes. Each of these little treasures can be personalized with a dedication, phrase or symbol that connects the owner of the object to the animal depicted.