Porcelain crafted in Manifattura Ginori – Italy

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Elegant porcelain tureens with covers

Absent from the standard table service for a long time, tureens are traditional vessels intended for hot dishes that were customarily used in the past. After searching among the treasures that are kept in the archives of our Manifattura, we brought back to life the antique shapes designed and hand-decorated by our artisans over the centuries. We have re-interpreted them in our trademark style to pique the renewed and widespread interest in these wonderful kitchen items. This is how the traditional porcelain tureens by Ginori 1735 have been reborn, both in white and decorated with the iconic motifs of our many beautiful collections. From Oriente Italiano to Oro di Doccia, they are always the best solution for serving soup or stew without burning yourself. And, it's certainly no secret, placed in the right place near a sideboard in your kitchen, they make beautiful pieces of home décor.

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