Porcelain crafted in Manifattura Ginori – Italy

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Elegant bread plates in fine Italian porcelain

Porcelain Bread plates, the little pearls of Ginori 1735.

On grand occasions, as we know, the table setting is a work of art wherein plates are the central figures. But that bread plate that peeks out at the top left, that charming porcelain detail set just above the forks and barely measuring 17cm, that is a touch of grace and refinement that cannot be overlooked on grand occasions.

On all other occasions, the bread plate is instead a decorative colorful element for the tasting of small portions of a side order or an appetizer, for afternoon snacks or for a buttered bit of toast at breakfast.
Essentially, any occasion is a good occasion to include in your place settings Ginor 1735 bread plates.

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