Porcelain crafted in Manifattura Ginori – Italy


Discover designer candleholders in the finest porcelain

These are more than mere pedestals for candles. Our porcelain candleholders are true decorative pieces for your home interiors bearing distinctive artistry forged at the hands of our artisans. We envision these works on a piece of furniture, ready to make the moment magical when you decide to relax by igniting one of the home fragrances they contain. Be inspired by the iconic symbolism of the candleholders in the La Compagnia Di Caterina designer collection. The collection is composed of actual sculptures; faces with well-defined expressions, severe in their decisive lines, yet subtle and quite striking in their serenity. Of a different style is the stunning head of Ganimede from the iconic Profumi Luchino collection; a classical visage with a dreamy air. The young Trojan prince's luxuriant curls have been tied back with the embellishment of a lustrous gold band. His magnificent features make him one of the choicest fruits our Manifattura has yielded in the nearly three centuries of its history. Discover them all and choose the one that best mirrors your own personality.

キャンドルホルダー / フィルター
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