Porcelain crafted in Manifattura Ginori – Italy

COLONNA RE-EDITION: A revolutionary icon of Italian Design

Complete table service, tea and coffee sets: a limited-edition release of a 1950s design icon

Colonna is an eclectic and versatile tableware collection that revolutionizes the concept of design by reinterpreting the art of porcelain in a modern light to enhance any space with style and practicality through a marriage of functionality and aesthetic appeal. With precise geometry and an essential form, Colonna is an icon of 1950s modernism and emblematic of this golden period of Italian design. It was conceived of in 1954 by the creative genius of Giovanni Gariboldi, Gio Ponti's apprentice model maker who later took helm of Ginori as Artistic Director of the Manifattura and who, through a re-imagining of the idea of verticality, geometric precision and utility, designed each element to be stackable, creating symmetrical compositions that could be stored compactly. With its stackability, vertical modularity and refined curves, the collection won the prestigious Compasso d’Oro design competition and elegantly embodied the needs and desires of a new, modern Italy. Colonna make its return in a limited Re-Edition of iconic and enduring style available in three sets that are true to the original concept: a tea service, a coffee service, and a complete table service, each complete with an exclusive collector's box.

Table service for six Colonna Re-Edition


Tea service for six Colonna Re-Edition


Coffee service for six Colonna Re-Edition


Colonna Re-Edition collection

Porcelain table service for six. It consists of 25 pieces for complete and versatile mise en place in timeless Ginori 1735 style. The set includes six flat, soup and dessert plates, two small bowls with lids and a pickle dish. A lidded tureen completes the set, which, for added functionality, can be taken apart to serve as a salad or fruit bowl and accompanying platter.

Colonna Re-Edition collection

Porcelain tea set for six. Complete with 15 stackable pieces to provide a symmetrical and balanced finish, it consists of six cups with saucers, a milk pitcher, and a teapot and a sugar bowl with lids that can also be used as butter dishes or for serving sweets and micro desserts.

Colonna Re-Edition collection

Porcelain coffee service for six. It consists of 15 pieces designed with harmony and proportion of symmetry so as to allow for neat stacking and storing. Design and functionality are combined in the complete set of six cups with saucers, a coffee pot, a milk pitcher and a sugar bowl with a lid that can also be used as a small plate for serving micro-desserts.

Colonna Re-Edition collection



Compasso d'Oro design award

In 1926, at the age of just 18, Giovanni Gariboldi joined Ginori as an apprentice model maker under master Gio Ponti. Years later amidst a changing, modern, post-war society, Gariboldi took helm of Ginori as Artistic Director. Through his appreciation for functionality, sincerity of form and ability to capture the desires of a new modern society, Gariboldi left a legacy as one of the most influential figures in Italian modernism & decorative arts.