Porcelain crafted in Manifattura Ginori – Italy



Embellish your table with a designer centerpiece in porcelain

How many of us keep a centerpiece in plain sight on a kitchen table or in the living room? Everyone knows that welcoming vibes provide warmth and that the way we choose to decorate our spaces says a lot about us and about our feelings. That's precisely why we have created porcelain centerpieces capable of capturing the attention and curiosity of everyone in the room, but more importantly, capable of expressing your personal taste and lending a more intimate atmosphere to your surroundings. Guests should be able to feel that they are in your home, right? So take a look at the centerpiece plates, bowls and all the other uniquely styled items we have embellished with inimitable Ginori 1735 signature motifs. You will find the elegant and geometric patterns from the designs of the famous Gio Ponti, which we used in the Labirinto collection, or the beautiful and vibrant deities in their billowing cloaks by English designer Luke Edward Hall. Discover them all and choose the one that best matches the style of your home décor.