Porcelain crafted in Manifattura Ginori - Italy

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Exquisite milk jugs made from the finest Italian porcelain

During a Sunday brunch anything goes. Time passes more slowly and one can enjoy prolonging a cappuccino or tea by availing oneself of a milk jug, or simply by waiting for the milk to reach room temperature before pouring. There is no rush, at least not on Sundays! Our porcelain milk jugs, however, also give an extra dollop of beauty to a moment of relaxation, which is why we offer them below, gathered from the various collections by Ginori 1735. Discover them all, from the Oro di Doccia porcelain milk jugs, finished in gold by our artisans, to the colorful milk jugs of Oriente Italiano. After all, a good day begins with a good morning.

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