Porcelain crafted in Manifattura Ginori - Italy

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Porcelain craftsmanship gilded in gold

Over the course of our journey, one that began almost three centuries ago, we have developed a number of decorative techniques that continue to set us apart the world over as purveyors of excellence in porcelain production. Our artisanal knowledge is the fruit of passion and extensive practice and experimentation: Gilding is part of that, the delicate pure gold embellishment added, for example, to the rims of the plates in the iconic Il viaggio di Nettuno collection. Each of the porcelain pieces we adorn with a fine gold thread is enhanced, given a touch of elegance and subtle brilliance. Below you can find all of our gold-rimmed plate sets, home fragrances, and many items from our various collections that are alike in this superb detail.

金彩 / フィルター

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