Porcelain crafted in Manifattura Ginori – Italy


Few design objects can truly convey the personality of their owner like a complete set of pure porcelain tableware. Playing with combinations of shapes, colors and decorations to find the perfect mise en place that best suits the atmosphere of your home will become a pleasure you can no longer live without. 


For a romantic rendez-vous: the energetic red of Rubrum, the shimmering light of Aurum and the tone-on-tone pink of Porpora. Coffee time becomes an experience for true design enthusiasts, with the lidded cup designed by Gio Ponti. A delicate table with a touch of personality, thanks to the aesthetic strength of Rubrum. Complete with dessert plates to delight your sweetheart.

The deep green of Malachite accompanied by delicate Bario is illuminated by the vibrant gold of Aurum. An elegant porcelain plate set that evokes the palettes of Italian gardens in full bloom, enlivened by the invigorating dew of spring. Plays of light accentuate the seductive hues of the greens, lending them lightness and vitality.

It is the middle of summer and the table is inspired by those unique moments of extreme peace when you enjoy the freshness of sea water. At sunset, the sky is tinged with pink and the blue of the sea is enriched with lilac hues. The azure of Iris, the lilac of Pervinca and the pink of Azalea recreate this feeling of summer relaxation. Are you planning a dinner party with friends? Enrich your table with fine placeholder plates and impress your guests with elegant dessert plates. Wherever you may be, you can recreate moments of Summer...

Citrine yellow meets the grit of Albus black and white. Embracing the first morning sun, when the air is still fresh and energetic: this is the atmosphere invoked by combining the iridescent colors of Oriente Italiano's porcelain plate set. A lively mise en place that embraces sophistication, ready to inspire the most creative Chefs.



古代の神ネプチューンの神話と、ジオ・ポンティのクリエイティブな才能が混ざり合い、折衷的なスピリットを持つ融合を生み出しました。カテーネ コレクションの幾何学的な動きが、イルヴィアッジョディネットゥーノの奔放な彩色主義を引き立てています。この折衷的でエレガントな組み合わせの魅力をぜひご堪能ください。