Porcelain crafted in Manifattura Ginori – Italy

Reborn Project

From 6 to 10 December 2023, GINORI 1735 will present for the first time at the Design Miami/Miami Beach, the fourth edition of REBORN PROJECT, conceived and curated by Frédéric Chambre.
Developed as part of the GINORI ARTE, REBORN PROJECT calls international artists and designers to transform and reinterpret white porcelain tableware and iconic objects from GINORI 1735, into unique and irreplicable pieces of art and design.
After its editions in Paris, Milan and London, Miami Beach is the ideal setting for the fourth chapter of REBORN PROJECT presented at Design Miami from the 6th to 10th of December. During the event, design enthusiasts and collectors will be able to visit and admire the exceptional works of the 10 international artists selected by Frédéric Chambre in a dedicated space for the GINORI ARTE.
These remarkable art works represent the distinctive personality of each artist and demonstrate the savoir-faire of GINORI 1735 while portraying its aesthetic vision. The REBORN PROJECT pays homage to Italian artisanship while witnessing its influence with a brand that envisions innovation and modernity.
Entirely hand made, each one of these creations is signed by the artists and accompanied by an authenticity certificate given by GINORI 1735.

GINORI 1735 has always been synonymous with beauty, uniqueness, and know-how, but also of a creative and daring ability to imagine the future. This is why we firmly believe in the Ginori Arte project, which saw the light of day in 2021 in collaboration with Frédéric Chambre. Through the Reborn Project, we have had the opportunity to explore and reinvent new forms of artistic expression by involving international talents who interpret our products with extraordinary sensitivity and creativity. Thanks to them and the talent of the artisans of our Manifattura, these unique works of art perpetuate our tradition of excellence and innovation,” commented Alain Prost, President & CEO of GINORI 1735.

CSLB / collection ‘Sillons’

Designers Caroline Sarkozy and Laurent Bourgois propose a geometric design with infinite lines on a 48-piece tableware. Lamps and a porcelain guéridon complete the collection.


Vincent Darré / collection ‘Zodiaque’

Decorator, furniture and set designer, and painter Vincent Darrèhas created a tableware with a dreamy design inspired by the twelve zodiac signs. The combination of black and intense colours was a real creative challenge, developed with expertise of artisans from GINORI 1735. Lamps and two porcelain guéridons complete the collection.

Festen / collection ‘Linneaus’

The table service by interior design duo Charlotte de Tonnac and Hugo Sauzay expresses a naturalist minimalism in a contemporary style. An original exercise in style draws inspiration from shells to create new shapes and dark motifs. Lamps and two porcelain guéridons complete the collection.


Jacques Grange / collection ‘Spin painting’

The interior designer plays on the abstract superimposition of bright colours with moving lines on a unique tableware for 12 people, lamps and porcelain guéridons.

Studio KO / collection ‘Les tauraux’

Architects Olivier Marty and Karl Fournier have created a design on a black background, recalling the birth of art in the history of humanity. Each design appears in contrast thanks to a special colour-removal technique. The two architects have also designed two guéridons that pay homage to Sol LeWitt.


India Mahdavi / collection ‘Bruto’

In a pop style, India Mahdavi has designed a table service with brushed textures and bold hues. Lamps and two porcelain guéridons complete the collection.

Pierre Passebon / collection ‘Gold rush’

In homage to American culture, gallerist and artist Pierre Passebon has decorated the tableware with small golden pieces, as well as table lamps and porcelain guéridons.


Isabelle Stanislas / collection ‘Empreinte’

The table service designed by architect and interior designer Isabelle Stanislas reveals the creative power of hand-drawn black lines. Lamps and two porcelain guéridons complete the collection.

Cathy Vedovi / collection ‘Miami’

The artist draws inspiration from the iconic Miami aesthetic, to which she is particularly attached, to design a tableware echoing the bright colours of tropical wildlife.


Charles Zana / collection ‘Simbolo’

Architect and interior designer Charles Zana has created a creative mix of techniques and colours on the GINORI 1735 tableware. Lamps and two porcelain guéridons complete the collection.