Rat Large Squared Vide poche

Large squared vide poche cm 24,5 in. 9 1/2 . A symbol of wisdom, the rat serves as a mediator between heaven and earth, spiritual and material.
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Admitted characters are Cyrillic and Latin. The personalised text is reproduced in cursive, except for Cyrillic, that is reproduced in capitai letters. The personalisation is made by hand by Richard Ginori master painters, and it is therefore one of a kind. The text placement is thought to enhance the decoration, and it is therefore defined by the painter in phase of creation. The personalised text will be executed exclusively in gold. No other colour is admitted. Offensive/denigrating texts and in contrast with the company's ethic principles are not accepted. The PDF document is automatically createci by the website.
Product code 017RG02 FG6836LX0245M00130400