Dessert plate - Service Prunier - Set of two

Cassina & Ginori 1735 - A tribute to Le Corbusier
'The Cassina Perspective' is a holistic approach that offers a unique and complete approach to the home. Considering this, Cassina has developed a tableware collection by Le Corbusier in collaboration with Ginori 1735 and the Le Corbusier Foundation.

This dinner service was originally produced for the Prunier restaurant in London. On the wall of a private room of the restaurant, Madame Prunier had hung the Les Mains tapestry that Le Corbusier had designed in 1951. In 1961, she decided to commission Le Corbusier to design a dinner service for the restaurant with the same motif of the intertwined hands that can be found on the lower part of the tapestry. Le Corbusier had carefully made some colour variations for this dinner set, including a plum tone for the coloured part on which the three entwined hands drawn with a thin black line come together. Le Corbusier himself used these same dishes in which he combined, as he himself said, quality and taste “the taste of shape”.

Today the Service Prunier has been reissued by Cassina thanks to the collaboration with Ginori 1735 and the Le Corbusier Foundation, with respect for the original project and with the greatest care for authenticity. Produced in the same white porcelain with the original drawing by Le Corbusier applied by hand, the service includes a dinner plate, a soup dish, a dessert/salad plate and a small coffee cup and saucer.
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