Porcelain crafted in Manifattura Ginori – Italy

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Fragranze Labirinto

Elegant scented candles with contemporary flair

Labirinto comes to us from designs by the legendary Gio Ponti and his creative genius. Ponti was our artistic director in the early 20th century. A sophisticated and elegant pattern. An interweaving of geometrically harmonious lines gives life to this wonderful collection of Gio Ponti porcelain tableware and home décor items. The latter include the designer candles we offer below in three hues; black, scarlet and sapphire. Discover them in their aromatic, floral and citrus fragrances and choose the one that best reflects your personal taste. Perfect as a tastefully designed but unobtrusive home furnishing, they become containers to put on a cabinet or desk once the wax has melted away.

Fragranze - Collezioni - Labirinto / フィルター